Sunday, February 3, 2013

Avocado, Raspberry, and Goat Cheese Wrap

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hello beautiful
I am going to go ahead and apologize for the amount of photos in this post.  But it was just too beautiful not to capture as many pictures as possible!

 This super simple wrap was perfect on a Sunday afternoon, but is also excellent for a midday lunch at work.  I would say it is simple enough to bring the ingredients and assemble at work even, but that might be me just getting too excited about bringing this as a work lunch. 


The tartness of the raspberry, the creamy goat cheese and avocado, the bitter spinach all blend perfectly together.

perfectly diced

Obviously I love a good avocado pic.
This wrap is customized by you! Add any berries you like or more avocado, goat cheese, whatever you like.  Here's just a few more pictures for your enjoyment.

At the end I drizzled a honey dijon vinaigrette over the top, only about a tablespoon, to add a little zip.  This also would be good with a balsamic drizzle, or a honey drizzle!  Make it your own!  I also only had regular tortillas, but any special wrap tortilla would be an added bonus.

a honey dijon vinaigrette kick!

Avocado, Raspberry, and Goat Cheese Wrap
Makes: 1 wrap
Time: 10 minutes

1 tortilla or wrap tortilla
handful of organic baby spinach
1/2 avocado, diced
1/4 c raspberries
1/4 c goat cheese, crumbled

tbsp honey dijon vinaigrette dressing - OPTIONAL

1. Layer all ingredients on a tortilla wrap.
2. Wrap and enjoy!

So so SO delicious.  Is this something you would try?  Anything you would add or subtract?

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Happy Cooking!



  1. I am totally going to make this soon! Looks like it would also make a great summer dish, or be great alone as a salad. Thanks for sharing, and I don't think you can ever have too many pictures!

    1. Let me know when you make it, its a mix of your favorite ingredients :) add some candied walnuts and that salad has your name all over it!